InetPowerServer/32 v1.0.2.3 - Example Home Page

This is the Example Home Page included with the InetPowerServer/32 v1.0.2.3 distribution. If you can view this page using your web browser, you have successfully performed the initial configuration and startup of InetPowerServer/32 v1.0.2.3. The default location of this file on disk is .\ips\main\vfs\html\index.html.

The latest version of the Electronic Documentation is included with the distribution and can be viewed on-line at any time. When you replace this example page you can find the documentation in your .\ips\documentation directory or via the URL http://<yourhostname>/!documentation.

InetPowerServer/32 v1.0.2.3 can be administered using a built in web interface. When you replace this example page the administrative interface may be found using the URL http://<yourhostname>/!admin.